Monday, July 22, 2019

August-September 2018 Old Threshers' Reunion

This post covers the 2018 Old Threshers Reunion, starting a week before and ending the day after the Reunion.


Getting No.12 ready for service for the year includes separating the tender from the locomotive. Once the separation is complete, the draw bar is removed, pressure washed, and magnafluxed. Presuming the visual and magnetic inspections are nominal, the draw bar is replaced, and the tender is joined to the locomotive. Dale F. and Roger R. connect the flexible hoses and chains between the two units.

No.D9's return-to-service project requires that all components are functional. Here, its air compressor is removed from a flatcar for inspection by one of our volunteers.

No.12's boiler and tender are filled with water for hydrotesting.


Dom H. and Roger R. polish some bearing journals in anticipation of the axle's insertion into a coach truck. Matt W. takes over from Dom as machinist to complete the journal polishing. With the polishing complete, a large group of volunteers prepare to remove a worn out axle set from a coach truck and replace it with the refurbished axles set.

Ryan J. and Kendall O. prepare to power wash No.12.

Dale F. and Allen F. begin their annual clean-up of No.6.

Starting in January, 2018, No.6's cab and much of the external plumbing was completely revised, including installation of two Nathan "Monitor" injectors. After wrapping the steam lines with insulation, labels were attached near each valve.


Dom H. prepares the site for a mechanical lubricator on the front of No.6. Evan P. assists Allan F. in the installation of the linkage that will drive the lubricator.

Several people install a whistle and linkage of No.6.

Having missed the group lunch, Dustin looks for his sandwich in one of several likely places.

After a thorough power wash, Dave does some investigations on No.D9's aircompressor and declares it in need of much attention.

The next few pictures were taken from the manlift's basket. This signal had a silent bell which was caused by a large nest built by some energetic insects within the gong.

Rex F. repairs the crossbucks from one of the gates.


A big storm came through on Tuesday night, two days before the start of the 2018 Reunion. During the storm, power went out for several hours, and many inches of rain fell. The next few pictures give an idea of the havoc brought to the park.

While some of us were savoring the havoc, John K., Allan F., and Dale F. continue work on No.6.

Several coaches were outside when the storm hit and several coaches lost their roofing! Roger R., Paul K., and Brian B. attempt to fix the roofing but to no avail. The roofs leaked and were scheduled for replacement in 2019.


No.6 stops at the North Station.

Matt C. running No.12.

No.6 coming into and leaving South Station.

The train's Security Staff followed by the train crew's conductors and brakeman.

Various pictures from around the railroad.

pictures by steam.airman
Lauren B.