Monday, July 9, 2007

May 12, 2007, Work Weekend

Mike C. is cleaning the skid loader's engine compartment for the first time this year. The skid loader is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the railroad's stable.

The replacement skin for the left side of #9 is ready for its coat of black paint.

Have you ever wondered what it looks likes under those black skins surrounding the boiler? This is a left side shot of #9 with the skin removed. The replacement skin (above) will be placed over the insulation blocks once it is painted.

Jess V. is replacing the right side brake mechanism on #6. After dragging the drive wheels for most of 2006, repairs were necessary.

The "cow catcher" has been riding a bit low so the staff is adjusting its position over the pilot truck. The massive nut had to be turned several turns to get the front of the locomotive to the right height.

Track work in the spring!

The section of track north of the horse barn at the top of the hill leading to the north station was really ratty. Staff members noticed the ties lifting in the mud during 2006's ghost train and it was felt that it was the worst of the track. Several members removed the rails and ties earlier in the week.

Shown here are Mike C., Dustin, and Dan, leveling out the bed getting it ready for aggregate and eventually the new ties and rails.

Jesse is repairing the oil-throttle linkage from #6. MCRR fireman should recall how difficult it was to get smooth fire control.

It turned out that the linkage pivot points were rusted tight. After some careful mending and a modification to the valve body, the shop is confident of smooth operation for the OT show in late August.

The look of satisfaction after another day at the shop!