Monday, July 7, 2008

"Independence Day" Holiday Weekend (16/7 update)

Several weeks ago the flatcar staff installed the 6 stringers, 2 end beams, truss rods, and numerous fittings.During the Independence Day holiday weekend, the last of the fittings were installed and final assembly began.

Once all the fittings were installed the flatcar was towed outside. Jesse V watches while Griffin W. runs the skid steer.

Paul K. applies some primer to hard to reach places with a "rattle can."

Griffin W applies the final coat of paint to the stringers and truss rods with his airless sprayer.

With the paint dry, the staff installed the 2" rough sawn decking. Every board was a different length which required a chalk line and a circular saw to correct. "Master craftsman" Elliot H. (hey! that's me!) is shown here plunging the blade into decking (and the occasional stake pocket). While most of the sawing was done with the circular saw, getting real close to the stake pockets required the reciprocating saw.

Lots of nails and lots of custom trimming for the stake pockets and for the width of the flatcar gave Brian B. an opportunity to do some sweeping.

The first official task of the flatcar was to carry several large boxes of parts for the 2 to the south station. Dustin B. runs the fork lift with the first box.

Two boxes of "c***" loaded at either end of the flatcar.The flatcar was also loaded with the remaining deck boards in order to empty the shop of the traces of flatcar restoration work.