Monday, May 27, 2019

August, 2018, Work Weekend

With the 2018 Old Threshers Reunion coming up in a few weeks, there were fewer people at the August work weekend than usual.

No. 6 has been in reconstructive surgery since the beginning of the year having its cab controls and piping completely reconfigured. There have been several test runs of the engine in the past months to get the less-than-ideal things corrected. Several cosmetic items needed addressing for the flurry of firemen and engineers expected at the OTR.

The cab reconfiguration caused some outside items to be changed. For example, the wiring which was hiding inside the left hand grab rail was moved to the right side grab rail.

Lee R. and Kendall O. rewire the headlight.

The ongoing renovation of No. D9 continues, with several volunteers working on the air brake cylinders and others working on the plumbing in the engine compartment.