Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May, 2016 Work Weekend

We had quite a crowd today! Not only was there plenty of help but Dave O prepared one of the best lunches we've had in a long time! Thank you, Dave! And thank you to all the MCRR members who came for the Work Weekend.

One of these days the blogster will create a discrete blog entry or project page on the MCRR.ORG website for the Vulcan gasoline switcher's (aka "Squirt") upgrades. While everyone is awaiting that moment, little pieces will appear here on the work weekend blogs.

For example, today Matt C continued the manufacture of parts for the Vulcan's drive train.

As we accumulate (and re-discover) parts and other supplies stored around the grounds, we decided that to facilitate organizing them, construction of pallet shelves in the South Station was a good idea.

On Friday, Chris P, Evan P, Elliot H, and Matt W rearranged supplies stored in the south west corner of the South Station. The plan is/was to replace the piled-on items with pallets placed on shelves. The pallet storage will give easy access to everything. (The photographer was not available so there is no proof anything took place in the South Station!)

On Saturday, Matt W, Elliot H and Elsie B moved the pallet shelving from the west storage lot to the shop for repairs and eventual installation.

The pallet shelves' previous installation resulted in the footings being rusted, and in some cases rusted beyond repair. To remedy the missing metal, Matt W, Dave M, Elliot H and a few others made new "shoes" for the shelves.

Elliot H removing the rusted portion of the shelf legs.

Dave M and Matt W cut the replacement shelving feet with the new horizontal band saw.

Paul K and Elliot H contemplate the next move on the shelving repairs while Ryan J helps move one of uprights to the fix-me pile. 

Matt W welds the new feet on the shelve uprights.

No. 6's piston rods were removed from the engine several months ago. Evan P, Kendall O and Dave O separated the rods from the pistons in anticipation of making the new rods.