Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May, 2013 Work Weekend

The blogger was a "slacker blogger" this month. He didn't arrive until Saturday morning! (Late arrival is the "official excuse" in case you are wondering why there aren't very many pictures.)

With the weather being quite nice, various outdoors activities were taking place. There were reports of Matt C. running the mower along the west fence; Chris P. was running the weed trimmer and rearranging some other items in and around the yard; Elsie B., Lindsay R., Matt W., Jeremy L., Roger R., and Elliot H. moved the passenger cars out of the South Station to give access to the plastic sheets covering the south wall, a left over from the North Pole Express. Using the diesel man-lift, they were able to remove all of the plastic.

Chris P. "rearranging other items."

Matt W. sandblasting parts for locomotive No. 2.

Roger R. giving much needed advice to Braden G. Braden was still stomping around with a removable cast on his leg and didn't seem too anxious to get into heavy lifting tasks.

Jeremy L. finally found a comfortable place to hide.

Paul K. holding the locomotive in place. There was a strong wind blowing from the north and Paul's efforts kept No. 12 on the pit track.

The most measurable work took place in the office. Brian B and John K. spent most of the day cutting out stencils traced from the side of the DRGW boxcar. They want to duplicate the lettering on the blank side of the boxcar.