Thursday, June 13, 2013

June, 2013 Work Weekend

Perfect weather for work weekend!

There were lots of project areas today: boxcar lettering, track work, No. 2 preparations, ground equipment repair, No. 12 updates and mandatory maintenance.

Happening for the past few months, Brian B, John K, and Melissa B completed the last phase of the DRGW boxcar lettering project. Have a look at the past few blog entries; you will see volunteers tracing the lettering from the "good" side of the boxcar, cutting the stencils, and this month, applying the stencils and spray painting the letters.

First, the stencils are fastened to the side of the boxcar.

Spray cans (rattle cans) of paint are notorious for over-spray. Once the stencils were fastened on, sufficient masking paper is applied to prevent over-spray from fouling the boxcar's red paint.

Melissa B and Brian B placing the masking paper around the stencils.

Ready to paint...


John K and Brian B discuss the placement of a stencil.

Dave O offers some suggestions to Brian and John.

The finished product.

The sandblasting team wanted to use the gasoline air compressor but a hydraulic fluid leak was detected. Matt C and Dave O investigate the source of the fluid.

Matt C inspects a funnel before using it to fill the reservoir.

After Walt O completed the repairs, the compressor was put into service to run the sandblaster. The pallet has 16 - 50 pound bags of sand; by the time the project was over, only 4 bags remained.

Kendell O and Jeremy L fill the sandblaster with sand.

Walt O assists Dave O in placing the fork-lift accessory of the skidsteer on a work surface. Several unwanted bends appeared in the steel framework. Dave O straightened and reinforced the frame.

Yes, the MCRR does track work! As time goes on, ties on our mainline and in the yard deteriorate to the point where replacement is necessary. The yard north of the shop has been undergoing extensive upgrading with only a small portion of the project remaining. As this project was "big" we hired the work done.

The MCRR volunteers deal with smaller track projects.

From left to right, Rex F, Paul K, Ryan F, Chris P, and with only a tiny portion showing, Dustin B examine a newly placed tie.

The backhoe has paid for itself many times over on track projects. We have a special narrow bucket designed for moving ties in and out. Dustin makes himself comfortable in the backhoe's cab.

The track gang was expanded to include Braden G. ...

... and Wayne P ...

... and Jeremy L ...

... and Matt W. It is sure nice to have these young MCRR members ready and willing to do the heavy lifting.

Of course, with the teens doing the heavy lifting, the old timers can sit in the backhoe! Elliot H gets ready to use the backhoe.

Besides doing mechanical work, Elliot H prepares hamburgers for lunch.

Not pictured is Matt W inside the boiler measuring the walls of the dry pipe -- part of No. 12's mandatory maintenance.

This month's pictures courtesy Lindsay R, Elsie B, and John K.