Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April, 2015 Work Weekend

Warm weather and no snow! Yippee!

Wait...that's how the March blog entry started. Regardless, it was warm and there was no snow!

A few MCRRers had a close look at the steam locomotive fueling station. This past winter took its toll on the fencing (you can see a chunk of concrete missing at the base of the fence post).

The primary project (or at least the most visible project) was to repair the "good" door on the newest DRGW boxcar. One of the doors is beyond repair but its replacement is under construction. The new door is not ready for mounting on the boxcar.

Why the interest in the doors? The older DRGW boxcar, also known as the "Midwest Haunted Rails Storage Building," had never been treated with linseed oil. By readying the doors and moving the contents from the older to the newer boxcar, the linseed oil application can be scheduled.

John K. and Roger R. did the woodwork to get the original door ready for use. Several new boards were installed and the hardware was reattached.

As John was working on the door, Elliot H. installed a string of lights in the newer boxcar. The lights are now on their third installation! Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Much of the door renovation was a solo project, leaving Roger available to help Elliot transfer the contents between the boxcars. The next two pictures show the empty boxcar with the "new" lights.

After a few hours the spacious boxcar was transformed.