Friday, April 10, 2009

Introducing the D-9 (some thought it should be 15) -- updated 11aug09

Volunteers at the Midwest Central Railroad have chosen the new number and paint scheme for the old Plymouth switch engine (twin to the currently running 14).

As the viewer may notice, there are mountains of work to be done on the D-9 (are you sure it isn't the "15"?) before its debut at this year's Old Threshers' Reunion.

14Apr09 Update

We are also considering licensing a new logo for the engine -- and perhaps the MCRR!

(Note: The "Hello Kitty" image and all Sanrio characters are registered trademarks of Sanrio Co., Ltd. ("Sanrio"), and the images are copyrighted by Sanrio. Use of the "Hello Kitty" image is granted via the "terms of use" agreement found at

, if only we can get everyone else at the RR to sign-off on this plan!

10Jul09 Update:
Vandals! The secret D-9 committee cobbles up the paint and somebody re-cobbles it.

The latest artwork looks like this:

What happened to those great pink stripes?

Bad Kitty!