Monday, August 12, 2013

August, 2013 Work Weekend

With just a few weeks before the 2013 Old Threshers' Reunion, the staff was busy during the August work weekend.

Before getting into the details of the MCRR volunteers, here is an update to the concrete work at the South Station.

Most of the excavating, grading, and concrete work is complete. The next few pictures are views looking east from the west end, looking at the one of the pedestrian entryways, and looking west from the east side.

If you look real close at the pictures, the rails can barely be seen. They are still there! Passengers and train staff will appreciate the concrete walk to board the train. The updated drainage system will solve the puddle formed when locomotive firemen don't notice the injector has stopped feeding water to the boiler and is instead feeding water to the platform.

As part of the 2013 Federal Railway Administration certification for No. 12, Dave O. checks the calibration of the various pressure gauges on our testing apparatus. Every gauge was within a few points of being "spot on."

After completing the ultrasound measuring of the dry pipe's walls, the steam dome lid was ready for installation. Dave O. heats the copper ring gasket that makes the tight seal between the boiler and the lid.

The washers for the lid's studs get wire brushed before reuse.

Kendell O. operates the overhead crane to lift the steam dome lid from the floor to the top of the boiler and set in place over the studs.

The MCRR's machinists fabricated a new burner for No. 12. Braden G. gets it ready for installation by assembling the pieces

Kendell O. hunts through the parts room for bolts, nuts, and lock washers.

Braden G. checks the alignment of the burner's pieces.

While mechanical work was happening in the shop, the train crew members were cleaning the coaches and cabooses at the North Station.

Pictured here are Grant A., Dylan D., Ben B., John W., Elsie B., Ian B., and Ryan J. Several other members participated but were not nearby when this picture was taken.

Lisa F. takes a short rest after cleaning the caboose.

Members wandering aimlessly under the water tower.

Elsie B., and Ben B. are sweeping the dust and dirt from under the seats while Ryan J. cleans the windows.

Organizer and lead conductor Dylan D. wonders what John W. is trying to accomplish.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Brian B. prepares stencils for some new signs debuting around the railroad in the next few weeks.

Rex F, Braden G., and Ryan F. fabricate No. 12's burner support bracket.

John W. and Rex F. discuss the weekend's activities. Perhaps there will be a blog update to include the water tower clean-out pictures. John W., Kendell O., and Rex F. removed all the loose material in the water tower.

(Editor's note: my wish came true! The following two photos courtesy John W.)

John W. holding a shovel full of rusty bits after sweeping the floor.

John W. climbs out of the man-lift and into the water tower's entryway leading to the tank. 

It is speculated that Wayne P. was doing something useful here. Some of his assignments were to clean up metal parts for welding; perhaps this is what is happening here.

We removed No. 12's refractory brick at the close of the 2012 operations. After modifying the floor of the firebox, Roger R. and Elliot H. begin the process of installing the new firebrick.

For those thinking Elliot H. never does anything, he was caught here sawing a refractory brick to size for Roger R. Roger spent the better part of 3 days inside the firebox!

The bright spot between the bricks is the new burner.

Sawing bricks is a sloppy job. Rex F. scrapes the coagulated masonry dust out of the tub-saw's tub.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Concrete work at the South Station's platform.

Several MCRR board meetings ago, the board authorized the upgrading of the South Station's platform. (Why? The gravel surface made it difficult for many of our visitors to pass by, board, and/or disembark from the train. In addition, the drainage was less than ideal causing a mess when the rains came or the snow melted.)

The work has begun (and is nearing completion!) Here are a few pictures showing what is being done.

A view looking east from the west side of the South Station.

A view looking southeast from the middle of the South Station's platform.

The new platform will have built in "gutters." The forms are on the pallet in front of the tracked skid steer.

Looking west from the middle of the platform, the some of the forms are in place and the crew is continuing their preparation work.

The new platform will be ADA compliant. Notice the how the ramp slopes out from the doors.

The first round of concrete being poured.