Thursday, August 14, 2008

MCRR Gets a Case Backhoe!

Case Construction has made a generous donation to the Midwest Central Railroad of a new model "590 Super M Series 2 Backhoe" for the purpose of track maintenance and general operations support. MCRR President Matt C. extends his heartfelt thanks to Ms. Jenna K. of Case Construction's Burlington, Iowa plant, for her efforts in making this contribution to the railroad possible. The donated Case Construction loader/backhoe is equipped with four-wheel drive and Extendahoe(TM) along with the standard loader and backhoe buckets.

The Case Construction Burlington plant, where the loader/backhoes are manufactured, is located about 30 miles east of the railroad's home in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

The loader/backhoe will be used for track repair and numerous other rebuilding projects, something that is always occurring at the railroad. With the Case Construction loader/backhoe, track work should proceed much more rapidly, and save the backs of the volunteers.

The timing of the donation is significant since the railroad plans to perform a total tear out and replacement of the tracks along the eastern border of McMillan Park. The years since the east track's original installation have taken their toll on the ties and roadbed. Many tons of dirt and rock need to be moved along with replacing the hundreds of railroad ties.

Case Construction equipment is no stranger to Mount Pleasant. Besides the railroad being a working museum that holds several events each year, the area's biggest event is the annual Old Thresher's Reunion. The Reunion is an educational gathering held the five days ending Labor Day every year (for 2008, Aug. 28 - Sept. 1) that includes demonstrations of antique farming equipment. Restored Case steam-powered traction engines are among the highlights of the Reunion.

Jim H., vice president of Case Construction Equipment, North America, said "Case is proud to support the hard work of the many volunteers who serve the Midwest Central Railroad. Their preservation of steam-powered equipment is consistent with our own commitment to conserve America's industrial and agricultural heritage for future generations."

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Congratulations to MCRR volunteers! It took several steps to get the plate back to its original location on the 9.
  • Locating the plate (Jesse+Griffin)
  • Orchestrating its return (Matt)
  • Refurbishing (Matt+Griffin)
  • Mounting (Dustin, Griffin, Matt, Jesse)
The following picture links to a larger version.

Go to the MCRR website for additional pictures.