Thursday, July 19, 2018

May, 2018, Work Weekend

In preparation for the wheel upgrade project, we moved the large wheel press from a flatcar to the machine shop floor. Steve P's large crane easily lifted the press off the flatcar.

One of the trouble areas on the 6 were the leaky seals for the slide valves' rods. Jesse V. resurfaced the rods and made new bushings. The newly acquired tool post grinder was a vital piece of equipment for this job.

No 6's upgrade project continued. Matt W. modifies the air compressor's steam delivery pipe.

Kendall O., Matt W., and John W. bend a delivery pipe for the new Monitor injectors.

The volunteers moved some cabinets from the main floor to the loft over the office. The cabinets were loaded with heavy parts. Each cabinet was emptied of its drawers, hoisted to the loft and reassembled.

-Pictures courtesy John W. and Elliot H.