Monday, July 23, 2018

June, 2018, Work Weekend

Two inside work areas and one outside work area.

The Plymouth diesel switcher, D-9, had lots of attention. Both the D-9 and No. 14 were acquired from a liquidation sale of a rock quarry operator in Ohio in the 1990's. No. 14 was the better of the two and was placed in service soon after relocating to the MCRR. The D-9 was a bit rougher and never saw regular service. A restoration effort has been ongoing since 2009 with long periods of nothing happening.

The staff removes some of the sheet metal to expose the engine compartment in anticipation of getting the repaired torque converter installed.

Dustin B. supervises the volunteers as they rebuild the brake cylinders.

Dustin B. gets the transmission front end cleaned in anticipation of connecting the torque converter.

No. 6 was buried on shop's west track. The Vulcan Iron Works FS-2 pulled No. 6 and the D-9 out of their holes for continuing maintenance.

Jesse V. carefully places the gasket onto No. 6's right steam cylinder so the valve chest can be put in place.

A few members resumed the fireside cleaning of No. 12. Poor weather from the end-of-season operation in December until this work weekend has kept the last few hours of its annual pickling from being completed. Elliot H. holds the locomotive in place and then watches as Micah M. and Alex M. open the smoke box door.

Alex M. and Micah M. take a rest from their first task of cleaning the firebox.

In the firebox.

-Photos courtesy Joanie M. and Elliot H.