Monday, July 23, 2018

July, 2018, Work Weekend

The D-9 gained its torque converter!

Rex F. and John K. discuss the next move for getting the torque converter into the frame.

Hoisting the engine to slide it forward.

The torque converter nestled between the transmission and engine.

Joanie M. wire wheeling the crud off the D-9's chassis.

Yippee! Roger R. finalizes the sanders of the Vulcan FS-2! We will now need to see how well they work. Unlike No. 12, FS-2's sanders are gravity fed. This should be interesting.

No. 6 has been under extensive maintenance in the past 7 months. Those of you familiar with the 6 will not recognize the fireman/engineer's area.

Dave O. installs the overflow pipe for the right-side injector. Matt W. adjusts the boiler check valve.

The new mechanical lubricator. As of this writing, it has not been mounted on the engine but will be installed in the next few weeks.

Alan C. and Dom H. wrap the fiberglass insulation on the steam pipes and manifolds in 6's cab.

The current view of 6's cab. Yes, that is No. 6 and not the 12.

Matt W. replaces the steam line for the air compressor.

Once work was complete, the 6's boiler was filled to the appropriate level and the tender was topped up. In anticipation of running it on Sunday, Dom H. poses while a natural gas fire is heating the boiler.

The 6 performed quite well on Sunday. Pulling a 3 car consist, it made it around the system numerous times. Everyone that wanted to run or fire the engine had a chance to do so. A short list of fixes remains as well as a few more items that still need to be installed.

Photos courtesy Dom H., Alan C., Elliot H.