Saturday, November 17, 2012

August, 2012 Work Weekend

The August work weekend blog posting is just now being completed...and it is now November? Somebody has been slacking off their duties!

With the 12's recent arrival at the MCRR, the cab crew members were anxiously waiting to build a fire in the boiler and get the steam pressure up -- "and take it for a spin."  But first things first!

The water tower needed some maintenance. It appeared that the water gauge on the side wasn't working and its general condition needed to be determined. The gauge part was easy: it was working fine. There were a few wrap-around rods that needed to be tightened: Roger R made quick work of that.

The inspection confirmed what we thought about the tower. The roof needs attention and the tank needs attention. I'll let the reader imagine what "attention" means.

Back to the main thrust of the weekend -- readying the 12 for use at the MCRR. Various staff members had completed the mating of the locomotive chassis to the tender. Only a few more things needed completion before the first fire was lit. Based on experience from the GLRR, we started using natural gas for the warm-up fires. Oil fires require sufficient steam or auxiliary compressed air to run the atomizer and blower plus a hostler to be near it every minute. Natural gas is not so demanding!  

The 12 parked outside of the shop building. 

After reaching about 40 pounds of pressure on natural gas, the engine is switched to oil. Jerry C and Matt C stand back and admire the 12.

 In a rare photo, Matt C is shown getting his hands dirty as he oils the pilot truck and part of the crosshead on the 12.

Abe C. inspects the connecting rods.

Under pressure and lubricated, the 12 pulls away from the shop -- its first run under its own power at the MCRR.

After a few laps light, the 12 is backed into the south station to get a load of passenger cars.