Sunday, July 15, 2012

The 9 pulls its first revenue load at the GLRR!

Well, not so fast! A quick trip through history is in order!

I scrounged through the archives and found the next few pictures.

This is the 9 in a somewhat forlorn state. The precise date of this picture is unknown to me but it was shortly before the MCRR took possession of the locomotive in the mid 1960's.

This shot by Jeff T. shows the 9 pulling passenger cars into the North Station at the MCRR in 2010.

A great dusk shot by Jeff T. capturing the setting sun against the steam leaving the turbine.

The 9 passing the water tower in December during a North Pole Express run.

The 9 on its way to the Georgetown Loop RR in January, 2011.

After a lengthy refurbishment, the 9 cruises the tracks at the GLRR.

The 9 pulling the train at the GLRR.

Dave O. of the MCRR in the fireman's seat of the 9.

Matt C. of the MCRR in the engineer's seat of the 9.

Various shots of the 9 around the loop.

The GLRR's "workhorse", the Baldwin number 12. meets the Lima Locomotive Works Shay number 9.

Pictures courtesy Jeff T, Phil R, Matt C, and Dave O.