Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 Old Threshers' Reunion

The 2012 Old Threshers' Reunion has come and gone. There is a "boatload" of pictures on the main MCRR website (MCRR.ORG) but I've selected a few representative pictures of the days leading up to and including the OTR to give my readers a feeling for what took place during this period.

This is the MCRR's new steam-capable pressure washer. This is something we've needed for years, ever since the old pressure steam washer stopped working.  

 The staff decided to brush the flues on the 12. Wayne P. has a quick rest sitting on the smoke box opening before getting started on the flues.

 John G and Wayne P pull the brush out of a flue. Doing the flues is a dirty job; it is good that these young volunteers like doing it!

Using the new pressure washer, Roger R cleans the smoke stack of the 6. Every year we paint the stack and the years of paint had built up and looked less than perfect. The new pressure washer made quick work of the old paint.

Wayne P and Braden G take a quick break between flues. Why is Wayne so serious and Braden so jovial?

Rex F and Ryan F clean the walls and floor of the shop's pit. It had been quite a while since this was done and it was beyond "ratty!"

We started detailed inspection and repairs of various coaches. Some needed "tweaking" and others simply needed to be inspected to learn that nothing was out of the ordinary. Using the overhead crane, a coach is lifted off its truck. The truck is slid out and each bearing surface is cleaned and lubricated.

While the coaches are getting their inspection, Engineer Dick D pressure washes the 12.

With the stack and smoke box stripped of all its old paint, the crew started applying its new coat. Lindsey R and Wayne P. tackle this task.

The 6's builder's plate was looking weathered, so Engineer Eric C and his son Fireman Andy repainted and buffed it to perfection.

Fireman Elliot H organizes some tools at his new workbench located between the locomotive and tender of the 6. He was completing the installation of the fuel tank heater. A few other blog postings show the progress of the tank heater.

After the contractors completed most of the rebuild of the yard north of the shop, the MCRR's signal system needed to be repaired. The system depends on the rails being electrically linked together. This picture shows the bonding straps being dry welded into place.

Student Fireman John W grinds clag off the rail in anticipation of bonding the rails together.

Two Baldwins.

Conductor and ticket salesman Ken C at the north station.

The 6 chugging up the hill west of the north depot and pulling into the station.

Filling the tender of the 6.

Two Baldwins.

Hahaha...which one has the bigger stream?

Conductor/Student Fireman Ray G awaits the signal for the train's departure.

Student Fireman/Brakeman Steve R fills the forward sand dome.