Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Tough Way to Make Coffee

We had read about engineers and firemen making coffee from condensate dripping from a locomotive's injectors. How hard can it be?

Hahaha...well we found out it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Perhaps they had a different type of coffee maker than what we had; perhaps we should have wet the grounds before blowing steam into the funnel; perhaps we should have tried frothing milk for a Shay-latte. Who knows?

Brian B. positions the paper filter into the funnel along with the dry coffee grounds.

With the coffee pot ready, the next step was getting sufficient hot condensate into the funnel. This proved FAR more difficult than we thought.

The injector, while often caught dripping, usually is dripping cool water from the tender versus hot water from the boiler.

After cracking the steam valve open on the fireman's injector, rather than producing hot condensate, it produced a cloud of steam which quickly engulfed Brian.

After all that work, about 1 ounce of coffee was produced. We will have to study the process again. Perhaps drippage from the water glass will work better.