Saturday, November 20, 2010

The 2010 edition of Midwest Haunted Rails (Part II)

Polystyrene insulation panels were the raw materials used to make the large graveyard at the spookhouse's west end. A few minutes work with a serrated edge knife made the shapes. After the shapes were cut, adapters were fastened into place (which in turn kept the grave stones attached to the stakes which had been driven into the ground). The grave stones were painted grey and finally placed into position.

Nancy M. has a short rest from her gravestone cutting responsibilities.

Tanja H. completes the paper mache work on the 6's skull. The paper mache goop was white flour, resin glue, and water.

This is the graveyard in daylight. Nancy spent the better part of an afternoon putting the text and other artwork on the gravestones. She also placed the various skeletons, bones and skulls around the area.

Many of the gravestones had red LEDs attached to their backsides which threw light onto the stones behind them.

This picture and those following are taken with a long exposure and a flash. The long exposure captured the lighting (if any) on the objects while the flash lit the objects for the pictures. Unfortunately, the lighting necessary to take the pictures tends to spoil the overall look.