Saturday, November 20, 2010

The 2010 edition of Midwest Haunted Rails (Part III)

The last act of Midwest Haunted Rails is the boiler washing event.

There is still one more event of the operating season -- North Pole Express -- but that event requires the 9. This means the 6 and 16 can be "put to bed" until next summer.

The 16's boiler washing chores include cleaning the ash and clinkers from the firebox, removing the coal still in the coal bin, removing the ash from the smoke box, removing the boiler plugs, removing the water tank belly plug, removing the injector check valves, a thorough washing of the inside of the boiler vessel, washing the firebox and washing the smokebox.

The 6 doesn't need coal and fly ash removed but it needs the various plugs and check valves removed and the boiler's innards washed.

The skid-steer is positioned as a moving trash receptacle as the firebox is cleaned.

Steve R. shovels the ash from the smoke box under Brian B's supervision.

The 6 and 9 are towed to a convenient spot for the draining of their boilers and tenders.

The masked man is Steve R.

After draining the water, the 9 and 6 are moved back to the north end of the shop. The 6 has already been dropped off and the 9 is eased back to its resting place.

The skull is still on the 6!

It is a good idea to remove the water lingering in the steam cylinders. We do this by pressurizing the boiler and air brake system with air from the gasoline air compressor and operating the train as if it were under steam pressure.

The skid steer has been repositioned to accept coal from the coal bin, located in front of the fireman.

Washing the boiler is a wet activity as witnessed by Dustin B., a perennial boiler washer.

Griffin W. operates the pressure washer pump. Once again, Brian B appears to not be doing anything useful.

Dustin washes the season's grime off the cab of the 16.