Friday, February 29, 2008

Flatcar Restoration: Feb 25th Activities

Dustin's son lent a hand with the assembly of some of the stringers.

A view over one of the end beams before the stringer was shoved into place. The knuckle had been fastened onto the frame long before the wood arrived. This picture shows the upper knuckle housing assembly in place against the end beam.

Volunteers C.W., Griffin and Dustin contemplating how to use a battery powered drill.

Lifting a stringer into position with the overhead crane.

The end beam is lifted into place and pushed close to the tenons.

The stringers' twists prevent the end beam from slipping into place. In these pictures, volunteers Elliot H., Griffin W., and Jesse V. discuss the next move.

Volunteer C.W. wonders what the others are agonizing over. "Just push the %$#@ thing into place!"

Here is the end beam after being "persuaded" into place by the volunteer staff. The chains were wrapped around the trucks and were used to pull the end beam into place. There was enough twist in each stringer that kept the end beam from slipping on.

The following pictures show C.W. drilling pilot holes in the end beam which reach through the stringer's tenons. After drilling the pilot hole,a steel pin is drive which "permanently" locks the end beam and stringers into one unit.