Tuesday, February 12, 2008

D&RGW #6216 truck and frame work

The weekend of Feb. 2 & 3rd saw continued work on the restoration of flat car 6216 at the MCRR shops. The frame was sandblasted and the trucks were tore down cleaned repaired and reasembled. The weekend ended with a coat of primer for everything.
Griffen W. and Dustin B. brave the cold weather to sandblast the steel frame of the car.

While in the shop the trucks are worked on. In the picture the B end truck is disassembled.

Here the B end truck is back together and good for many more miles. The wheels out of the A end are in front.

Some journal boxes required repair. The one in back is finished the one in front waits to be welded. Overall the trucks were found to be in very good condition, mostly just requiring cleaning and new wood backs.