Wednesday, March 1, 2017

October, 2016 Midwest Haunted Rails

This post covers the four weekends in October that we hosted Midwest Haunted Rails: October 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28-29. The boiler wash on October 30 was typical and only one picture was taken.

10-05: The first set of pictures show the props in daylight. Something gets lost when there is ample light.

10-20: This is more like it -- pictures of the engines or rolling stock.

The unusually dry weather caused a thick layer of mud on No 12. After applying a water soluble degreasing agent, Matt W uses the pressure washer to get the boiler shell and running gear presentable.

10-21: What would a weekend at the MCRR be like if there wasn't track work! Some recently installed ties needed a bit more ballast to keep the rails level.

The two steam engines were outside the shop getting ready to be fired for the evening.

Before pulling a consist, the engines are taken for a few laps to get the hot side components up to temperature. Matt W fires the 12 while Dustin B runs the loco.

10-22: A big draw at the North Village is the large skeleton character. Who is inside? Hint: see yesterday's fireman.

A few long exposure pictures of the locomotives waiting for passengers at the North Village.

10-29: Various pictures in and around the shop before the first trains.

10-30: All done. No. 12's boiler is emptied in anticipation of its wash.