Monday, March 13, 2017

February, 2017 Work Weekend

We had an unseasonably warm weekend. Besides replacing the 6's rear truck and continuing the No. 16 boiler inspection project, No. 12's post North Pole Express boiler wash needed a few more items which had to be done outside.

Matt W. inspects the 6's rear truck prior to inserting the axle/wheel assembly into the frame.

A journal after being cleaned up on the lathe.

Matt W. attempts to move the 16 back a few feet to make room for placement of the truck on the rails. It looks like the end fell off the car mover device.

Once the 6's tender had been completed, it was moved into the south station. No. 14 was added to the rear of the 16 in anticipation of a pneumatic system inspection. Unfortunately, that never happened!

Dustin B. sweeps the work area.

Griffin W. prepares to go inside the smokebox to start the 16's flue removal while Jesse V looks on.

John K. lights up a rosebud tip on the torch to heat the nuts holding the throttle rod in place. Jesse V. positions a pry bar on the assembly to move it out of the way.

Dangling the camera down the steam dome gives us the first look in the boiler towards the firebox.

Removing the flues required that the dry pipe be removed which would leave a large hole in the smokebox flue sheet. Jesse V., Rex F. and Griffin W. heat the nuts and bolts holding the throttle base onto the dry pipe.

Lots of flues to cut!

Clearly having been in one of the dirtier places inside the 16, Matt W. carries some fresh cardboard to a work location.

Done for the day, Matt W. prepares for his own washing.

Griffin W. shows signs of being inside the smokebox.

After Dustin's clean up, it looks as if he has coal dust colored eye shadow.

Rex F. has his turn at the wash basin.

While the 16's flues were being removed, Melissa B. re-configures the high volume water/air pressure washing tool for the 12's flue cleaning project.

James M., Braden B., Elliot H. and Matt W. move some barrels out of the way in order to get the high volume water hose out of the fuel shed.

Using the water hydrant, high volume hose and diesel air compressor, Micah M. blasts water through the 12's flues. It is hard to capture on pixels, but for the first few seconds, the water is quite sooty and then begins to run clear.

Micah M. works the high volume water tool into a flue.

Micah takes a breather from washing the 100+ flues on the 12.