Sunday, March 27, 2016

October, 2015 Midwest Haunted Rails

The 2015 Midwest Haunted Rails, affectionately called "Ghost Train," took place over the last three weekends of October. The following pictures cover a period starting with setup of the South Station (mid  September) through Sunday, October 25.

In late September, a quick stroll through the South Station shows that the team led by directors Dave R. and Jerry C. made incredible progress. Numerous others were part of the assembly team.

A few decorations for No. 12 were readied for display.

The locomotives were readied for use during the event. Each of the three Saturdays started with the "Great Pumpkin Train." Passengers boarded at the North Station and were carried to the Old Threshers Horse Barn where dozens of pumpkins were ready for selection.

Starting at 6 PM each night, the two trains started passenger service. Halloween decorations were on display all over the park.

This is Moby in its cave and waterfall.

Every event ends with boiler washing!

-Pictures courtesy Joan McBurney, Elliot H..