Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2015 North Pole Express

North Pole Express! Those three words represent one of the MCRR's most successful events.
This blog entry is split into four parts: 1) The narrow gauge railroad equipment; 2) the volunteers that make the "North Pole Express" happen; 3) scenes from the "North Pole" and 4) the experiences of a family attending the 2015 NPE.

1) The narrow gauge railroad equipment:

Locomotive No. 12 was our workhorse this year. It is sufficiently large to pull the extended trains and "easy" to operate. The next few photos capture the 12 as it moved about the tracks. We also decked it with ornamental lights to enhance its appearance during the nighttime operation.

The 2015 North Pole Express also introduced our newest Student Fireman, Elsie B. Besides being our newest Student Fireman, Elsie can be seen with the Train Crew as a conductor and in the shop as a helper/mechanic.

2) The volunteers that make the "North Pole Express" happen:

After visiting the ticket agent at the North Depot, our passengers' next experience with the North Pole Express is the interaction with the conductors of the Train Crew.

The passengers' next experience is being greeted by the Snow Princess, who awaits every train's arrival. (We had three different volunteers as the Snow Princess. 21 trains is a bit much for one person!)

Besides the conductors of the train crew, numerous MCRR representatives are the photographers, santas, craft room attendants, gift shop hosts, event supervisors, and refreshment servers.

3) Scenes from the "North Pole."

4) The experiences of a family attending the 2015 NPE. (Note: the following pictures are used with permission of the family; contact the mcrr.org webmaster for details.)

The train arrives at the North Depot.

With a North Pole Express ticket in hand, we are on our way to the North Pole!

The extended family gathers for a group picture.

A visit to the craft room to make a holiday decoration.

A photo opportunity with the Snow Princess.


Displaying the NPE silver bells.

The conductors are part of the experience.

It's almost time to re-board the train.

On the way back to the North Depot.

-Photos courtesy Joan M and Elliot H.