Sunday, February 8, 2015

January, 2015, Locomotive No. 2 Update

Locomotive No. 2 has not been forgotten!

Over the past months, the MCRR team has made two "giant leaps" in the restoration of this fine narrow gauge locomotive: (1) sending the drivers to Colorado to get their new axles and (2) moving the chassis back into the shop.

To prepare the wheels for their visit to Colorado, the shop staff removed the tires from the wheels. There are more pictures in the October, 2014, blog entry.

The flame ring is expanding the old tire for its removal from the wheel.

The axle/wheel set on the stand after tire removal. Sections of an old conveyor belt were placed around the wheels and banded in place for shipment.

The three axles with the wheels covered ready for shipment.

The axle sets are placed on a trailer for their transport to Colorado.

Those familiar with the shop will recognize this portion east of the pit track. For years, a large lathe occupied this spot. The lathe was sent to a Colorado railroad that will be doing the axle work for the MCRR.

No. 2's chassis is lifted off the flat car and moved into position east of the pit track.

-pictures courtesy MC