Saturday, February 21, 2015

February, 2015 Work Weekend

Two major work areas:
  • Preparing the yellow caboose (modeled after a Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad caboose) for painting.
  • Removing rust and painting baffles in No. 12's tender.

The caboose had been painted long ago but the paint retained its shine. The entire surface needed to be roughed up for the new paint to adhere. Complicating the task was the tongue and groove siding. Most of the surface was attacked with a dual action sander but there was a mountain of hand work to get between the slats.

John K. runs the DA sander.

Roger R. does the hand work between the siding boards.

The 12's tender with the new ventilation fan on top. We had been using the window fan to move air around but it wasn't sufficient to deal with the needle descaler and the proposed epoxy paint.

The lower baffles had been descaled; the upper baffle had been epoxied long ago and was still in fair condition. The vertical yellow pipe is attached to the ventilation fan The white mass towards the front of the tank is Elliot H. applying the epoxy paint.

Emerging from the tender.

A view from outside looking into the tender.

A view from the inside looking out.

-Photos courtesy Matt W.