Monday, February 27, 2012

January, 2012 Work Weekend

The curtains had the stuffings beat out of them during the North Pole Express. Fireman Elliot H. brought them home and added some reinforcements. The added material should allow them to withstand the constant snapping, unsnapping, pulling, pushing, flapping in the wind, and other forms of mistreatment.

After the reinforcements were added, he thought, "why not dress the side curtains up a notch?" Using the "railroad roman" typeface, a large "6" was printed and cut out of decorative material and sewed onto the side panels. The next few pictures show the numbers under construction and the reinforced panels hanging for their portraits.

The enhanced cab enclosure in place on the 6.

The two Plymouth diesels, the 14 and the D-9 were the center of attention for the January work weekend.

The D-9's torque converter had a leak which was repaired and then started leaking again! Nuts! The staff removed the t-c once more to replace the failed O-ring. This time, rather than removing the engine, it was left in place and the t-c winched out of the frame for repair.

Chris P. looks at a part from something. Perhaps the blogster needs to take better notes while taking pictures.

Randy V. and Nathan V. formulate their plan to remove the radiator cores from of the 14.

Roger R. continues his oil cooler repair project. The likely cause of the failed O-ring was overheating and the likely cause of the overheating was a plugged oil cooler. 

Back at the D-9, the windows were removed to give access to the rust that had built up on the cab. Besides removing the sliding side windows, the fixed-in-place rear and front windows were also removed. 

The 14's radiator cores awaiting transport to the fix-it shop.