Monday, February 27, 2012

February, 2012 Work Weekend

We worked on a few projects...

1. The never-ending D-9! We decided to remove all the windows to replace the molding which holds them in place. Three justifications: there is a massive amount of surface rust under the molding which would have caused problems with the new paint; we would have to mask around the molding and glass; the molding had flaking yellow paint which looked like...

Elsie B. cuts the ledge off the inner molding which eventually allowed us to lift the glass out of the frame. 

2. There is always something to do on the 6. During the North Pole Express, we needed sand for the drivers but our source of silica sand wasn't open. We had to use ordinary construction sand, not perfect, but adequate for the task. Wayne P. removes the construction sand from the sand dome in preparation for silica sand.  

3. Our primary focus in the coming years is getting the 2 running under its own power. John G. sandblasts some parts for the 2. (Of course, there is no way to tell he is sandblasting anything, let alone parts for the 2. "Trust me...")

4. We eventually expect the Plymouth Diesel 14's radiator cores to be returned from the shop. The bolts holding them in were loaded with "gunk" so Elsie B. wire-wheeled them to perfection. Unfortunately, it was later decided that we should use new stainless steel bolts instead of the old ones. Sorry, Elsie!

5. Operators of the Plymouth Diesel 14 have been commenting on how long it takes to set the independent brakes. Roger R. performs a thorough inspection of the brakes and their linkage and made numerous adjustments to get them the way they should be.

You will notice the large drive chains connecting the gear box to the front and rear axles.