Saturday, August 6, 2011

Red not Yellow (updated 08 Aug 11)


On your next visit to the MCRR -- don't be surprised if you drive past the MCRR Shop before you realize it.

This past week, the MCRR had contracted to have the shop building cleaned and painted. Instead of the chalky yellow of so many years, it is now red, matching the South Station -- and does it look sharp!

Here is a view from about 250 feet north of the shop facing south, which shows the building's north side. If you look closely, you can see the D-9 on the pit track and perhaps the Model "A" fireman's car on the middle track.

Standing about 200 feet north east of the shop looking towards the south west.

In a position very close to the above spot, this picture is facing due south showing the building's east side. For those that have "been here before" do you notice something missing? The thicket to the north of the entryway was removed -- partially for access to the wall for painting and partially because small animals used to get lost in there, never to be seen again!

One of the painters.

Wow! They even painted the fireproof cabinets. The cabinets used to be a weathered aluminum color.

This view is standing about 200 feet east of the building facing west showing the building's east side and main pedestrian entrance.

Standing southeast of the building facing northwest. This is a view of most of the building's south side.

This one may be a bit hard to make out; atop the freshly painted flag pole (see the Fourth of July entry) is a 36" American Eagle.

After the bulk of the building's painting was complete, the crew returned to paint the trim.

Trim paint completed, here is a view from the street west of McMillan Park looking towards the southeast.

The crew painted the hopper and tank cars. They had become rather "weathered" over the years and needed attention. The spur is along the west side of the shop building. This and the next view are looking east towards the building's west wall.

This is the shop building's pedestrian entrance on the east wall. The deep green trim paint is evident on the door and canopy over the entryway.

The painting was performed by Cooper Gutter Service. Many thanks go to them for a professional job completed in a timely manner.

Pictures courtesy Matt C.