Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 2011 Work Weekend

Only a few more days until the 2011 Old Threshers' Reunion! You would have a hard time telling it from the casual attitude of the MCRR staff -- the cliche, "been there; done that" applies.

For starters at the August 2011 work weekend, a volunteer called to my attention this framed shot of the 6:

So much for the fun to the tasks accomplished.

Last year, the boiler was removed from the 1's chassis for a closer look at the boiler mounts and other items hidden by the boiler. The boiler had been fastened to a DRGW flatcar since that time. One of today's chores was moving the boiler back to where it belongs (hahahaha...and not the scrap yard!).

The Pacha Crane Service crane, operated by Steve Pacha, owner, positions itself near the chassis - flatcar consist.

The MCRR staff assists Steve switch the crane's hook to a pulley/hook combination for lifting the heavy boiler off the flatcar.

Dave O. hooks some of the wire cable slings onto the crane's hook mechanism.

Positioning the slings near the boiler.

Fishing the slings under the boiler.

The powerful crane easily lifts the boiler from the flatcar.

A twist of the crane's base and the boiler is positioned over the chassis. Brian B. wonders about those safety shoes of another volunteer who is pushing the boiler into position. Steel toed sandals?

Within a few seconds the boiler was in position on the chassis.

Once the boiler move project was complete, the crane was moved to the west lot storage area. We needed to move a late 1800's turntable to repair a broken section of fence. Several members assisted Pacha Crane Service to remove the rails from the main turntable support beam.

Not satisfied with supervising the boiler move, Brian B. supervises the lifting of the curved turntable rails from the main support beam.

Holding one of the sling ends, Brian B. awaits the repinning of the slings for further lifting of turntable parts.

The main support beam's pivot point is lifted away from the beam.

After much ado (and a swap of cranes!) the main support beam has been moved about 5 meters from its original position towards its new resting place.

MCRR President Matt C. relays a message to the crane operator.