Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 2009 Work Weekend

With only a few weeks to go before the first North Pole Express, much of the activities this weekend took place in the south station, soon to be renamed, "The North Pole."

Numerous MCRR supporters helped set up the scenes and remove remnants of the Midwest Haunted Rails.

The next few photos were taken by Ms Elsie B. as members readied the ornaments and stopped for lunch.

Meanwhile back at the shop, some sandblasting was taking place for the planned painting of D-9 parts.

Shelby deals with the sandblaster.

The parts needing priming are stacked on top of a metal flat car. Quite a few pieces had been removed from the D-9 for the torque converter repair.

With the parts on the flat car, all that remained was to ready the paint sprayer.

The author painted nearly everything while everyone was out of the shop. After a while Griffin W and Brian B returned from some intense "playing with trains" (moving cars and locomotives). Brian found a few places needing touch-up, so the sprayer was simply handed over eliminating the chain of command.