Saturday, November 28, 2009

The 2009 edition of Midwest Haunted Rails

One of the last props to be completed for the Midwest Haunted Rails was the animated alligator (commonly referred to as Alligator Version 1.0).

The incredibly lifelike foam beast sits on top of its shipping crate awaiting the handiwork of Jesse V and Dustin B.

The bottom side of the beast shows some of the metal framework. The framework supports the various pneumatic cylinders and hinges necessary for the movement of the mouth, legs, and tail.

After the initial fitting into the body, several additional brackets needed attaching.

Dustin B. makes some cuts in the beast's mouth so it will accept the lifting mechanism. It does look like the beast is trying to eat Dustin.

On the first operating day of the Haunted Rails, the 16's fireman, Kim W. backs his pickup truck to the cab to transfer wood. The 16 starts on wood and is switched to coal once the steam pressure starts building.

Until steam pressure is available, the steam locomotives require air pressure to operate the atomizer (9) and the blower (9 and 16). As can be expected, something is bound to go wrong with the hardware at the MCRR. This time, it was the gasoline rotary screw air compressor that didn't want to work.

Roger R. examines the carburetor for problems. The compressor would fire but not idle or sustain steady high rpm operation.

Fireman Brian B. detaching the airhose from the 9's feed point.

Coiling the hose after use.

Jennifer B. holds the CPVC frame for one of the props at the"CarnEvil" exhibit at the south station's east end.

Nathan V. keeping the 9's boiler at pressure before handing it over to the designated fireman for Ghost Train.

Hey! Who was using my camera?

John G. must have lost some tools and decided they were on top of the 16.

After checking on the source of a seemingly large water leak, the author tightens the nuts holding the smokebox door shut. Brian B's decoration is shown in position over the 9's number plate.

The next few pictures are of the props in the "spook house" also known as the South Station.

Dear to many MCRR volunteers is the 6, the 2-6-0 Baldwin Locomotive. Down for boiler repairs, Griffin W. made this incredible grave marker in its honor.

We are still raising funds for the restoration of the 6. Check the 6's webpages for details.

This is Jennifer B's "CarnEvil" exhibit. The CPVC frame she was holding in the earlier picture was dressed and appears as one of the figurines in the next two pictures.

The author, an honorary (perhaps "ranking member") of the "Henschel Wrecking Crew" is contemplating his next move in firing the 16.

"Gee...the reception isn't too good on this old TV screen."

Fooling with the train brake actuator.

Longtime MCRR member Jim B. sits in the driver's seat of the 9.

Griffin W. drains the water from the tender's oil tank before firing the boiler while Brian B., Dustin and Braden B. supervise.