Thursday, June 15, 2017

South Station Expansion March 10 through June 9

Work begins with moving dirt in preparation of moving the north track.  Dan Hagist is at the controls of the Skid Steer while Chris Pacha observes.

Dan adds some rock for a base.

Chris Pacha and Scott Deaton test out the heater in the Cushman.

April 27, the building "kit" arrives.

May 9, Construction begins with the removal of the doors and tracks.

May 10, the west wall comes down.

Later that day Mother Nature decides that she will assist in the construction with some "Monsoon" rain and a tornado south of town.

What do you do when there is a tornado warning?  Grab a chair of course and await it's arrival.
Anyone want to go fishing?

May 15, after a little drying the walls begin to take shape.

May 16, up go the rafters.

With the rafters up, the new addition is really starting to take shape.

West wall begins to be put back together.  This wall is still the original west wall and doors.

May 23rd, the building is up, now it's time to start the inside work.

June 8th, Barton Construction is slinging mud in all the right places.

Scott and Mike Barton discuss the next step.

Dan prepares to seal some concrete.

Barton let me (Matt Crull) use their mini excavator to remove the mud from between the north track and the wall.  I really like this mini excavator!

Dan the Concrete Sealing Man!

All photos contributed by Matt Crull.