Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May, 2014 Work Weekend

Beautiful weather! What more must be said?

We had several different project areas during the May 10th work weekend.

Chris P. and Paul K. inspected the tracks, looking for ties needing replacing and anything else that needed immediate or deferred maintenance.

During their inspection, they noted that the exit of the drainage pipe at the northwest corner of the system was blocked with dirt. Using the backhoe and shovels, several volunteers made fast work of the repair.

Depending on the picture, Matt W., Braden G., Ryan J., Paul K., and Chris P. appear -- sometimes working, sometimes holding up a shovel.

Continuing from previous work weekends, the conversion of No. 2's old tender to a utility car was nearly completed.

This is what the car looked like on Saturday morning.

Kendall O. and Dave O. repair a track jack. Its base was so deformed, it didn't sit properly on a concrete floor.

One of the trucks is ready for installation after a thorough inspection.

Matt C. and Paul K. install a new pivot plate for one of the trucks on the car's body.

Graphite bits are placed in the truck's portion of the pivot.

The rear coupler is removed from the rear end beam by Braden G.

Wayne P. and Kendall O. install the planking.

Dave O. welds bracket in place for the draft gear connection to the end beam.

The east lot drain pipe installation project had stopped due to not having all the pipes in the construction area. Matt W. and Ryan J. take a break while the pipes are readied for movement under the backhoe.