Sunday, January 26, 2014

January, 2014 Work Weekend

A large number of MCRR members appeared for a productive few days in and around the shop.

The "new" DRGW boxcar (3007) saw another spike of activity. Last summer, work began but was interrupted due to the Old Threshers' Reunion, Midwest Haunted Rails, and the North Pole Express. In the last month, the trucks, brakes, running gear, and several areas of ironwork were serviced.

Kendall O. paints the ironwork with primer.

Some areas of rust still lingered until Nathan V. removed it with an angle grinder.

The final coat of linseed oil was applied by Randy V.

The door frames were repaired by John K., Brian B., and Rex F. Roger R. also had his fingers in the process!

We decided it was time to make the pit something less than a real "pit" by applying a light colored epoxy coating. The first step requires that every bit of dirt and oil be removed from the surface. Using solvent baths, detergents, and the steam pressure washer, Roger R., Rex F., and Matt W. worked and reworked the concrete into shape.

Every few years, the solvent tank requires attention. Cleaning parts from the locomotives, railcars, and even the MERR's trolleys, takes its toll on the quality of the solvent.

Elsie B. and Matt W. drain, clean, and refill the solvent tank.

Every so often, a picture is taken that has no explanation. Roger R. and Chris P. study the vice?