Wednesday, November 6, 2013

September, 2013 Work Weekend

A picture-less blog entry. Stuff happens. It should be noted that after the Old Threshers' Reunion, many volunteers are tuckered out and don't make it to the September work weekend -- me included.

Deferring to my spies, I learned of some activities that took place:

-After repairing the doors by installing about 20 carriage bolts and a bunch of nails, Melissa B, Elsie B, and Brian B hung the boxcar doors on #3007.

-Dave O and Matt C made several repairs to No. 12's suspension, which included moving some "pins" for the trailing truck to where they were supposed to be. Many, many hydraulic jacks were involved. No. 12's suspension is still not ready for service but the staff is hoping to have it running for the last Ghost Train weekend.

-No. 6 needs its throttle repaired. It was noted during the Reunion that the throttle was extremely hard to move.

-"Scary" Dave R and others got some -- and perhaps all -- of the black plastic hung up in South Station for the upcoming Midwest Haunted Rails.

-The Ghost Train consists have been made up. Train 2 is in Museum B. For the time being Train 1 is to be kept at the South Station because the annual printers' show is in a few weeks.