Thursday, August 1, 2013

Concrete work at the South Station's platform.

Several MCRR board meetings ago, the board authorized the upgrading of the South Station's platform. (Why? The gravel surface made it difficult for many of our visitors to pass by, board, and/or disembark from the train. In addition, the drainage was less than ideal causing a mess when the rains came or the snow melted.)

The work has begun (and is nearing completion!) Here are a few pictures showing what is being done.

A view looking east from the west side of the South Station.

A view looking southeast from the middle of the South Station's platform.

The new platform will have built in "gutters." The forms are on the pallet in front of the tracked skid steer.

Looking west from the middle of the platform, the some of the forms are in place and the crew is continuing their preparation work.

The new platform will be ADA compliant. Notice the how the ramp slopes out from the doors.

The first round of concrete being poured.