Monday, August 23, 2010

OTR Preparations: Aug 21&22

During this late August weekend, a few members gathered in the shop to get the Nine and Sixteen ready for use.

In July, the Nine had resisted efforts to allow the annual hydrostatic test. The superheaters were leaking, but shouldn't have had water in them in the first place. The gushing superheaters dictated that the spool valve and connection to the dry pipe be inspected, but that required the steam dome lid be remove for access. The steam dome fought us all the way and wrecked two 1" studs in the process. The beat up studs resisted all efforts to be replaced.

Jesse V and Griffin W tried where others had failed to remove the studs...and succeeded! It is understood by this author that the other 28 or so studs are slightly bent and need to be replaced. The pictures here show the team working on the known bad studs.

While J and G were removing the studs others were readying the Sixteen for this year's OT Reunion. Dustin B and Abe C are seen oiling the bearing journals. Cheering them on is Braden B.

The "other" Braden, Braden G, is putting the grates into the 16's firebox. Every year, at the end of the season, the grates are removed to allow for thorough cleaning of the firebox.

As Dustin sticks his hands into the undercarriage of the 16, Abe steadies the locomotive while Dallas K. calls an unidentified person.

Braden G smiles as he pauses during the grate replacement task.

Abe has his hands inside the 16's firebox. Exactly what he is doing is rather curious.

Pictures courtesy Jennifer B.