Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 2010 Post Work Weekend Special - III

During the Memorial Holiday Weekend, volunteers Fred H. and John W. refinished the floors inside the Bellevue and Cascade caboose and the "Quinn" coach. See this blog entry for views of other bits of maintenance being performed on the "Quinn" coach. (Summary: during the official May work weekend, members removed the seats and thoroughly cleaned the coach's insides.)

This weekend, the old finish was removed from the floors of both cars and a new commercial grade finish applied.

Besides doing a large portion of the work, volunteer Fred H. also donated the materials to complete the job.

Fred H. roughing up the old finish in the caboose's baggage area.

John W. doing some hand sanding. He doesn't look too happy; he found out that his pay had been cut -- again! (Actually, he was sanding the floor by hand, not sanding his hands.)

Applying the new finish to the floor.

Several views of the caboose's refinished floor.

Inside view of the "Quinn" coach after the floor was refinished.

The pictures don't do justice to the look of the floors. Fred H and John W worked extra hard to make these the best they've ever looked. We are contemplating asking riders to place protective covers over their shoes before entering!

The "Quinn" coach's seats had been removed from the coach and stored in the South Station's conference room (the "M&E Room"). Before reinstalling them, the upholstery was cleaned and other bits of mechanical maintenance was performed.

-pictures courtesy JohnW.