Monday, November 3, 2008

A September work weekend

After the special event on Friday, September 12, several shop crew members took care of remedial maintenance on the 6 and replaced some ties on the yard's north end.

Everyone had noticed the compound air compressor shaking wildly on Friday. Close inspection uncovered all four mounting bolts were loose!

The following picture shows volunteer Roger R.prying the compressor away from the frame in order to free one of the mounting bolts. The overhead crane is attached to the lifting ring of the compressor for safety.

Shop crew volunteer Anita N. tightens the front lower mounting bolt. (Yes; women are welcome at the MCRR!)

Here, Anita tightens the set screws holding the fireman side grab rail. The grab rail had to be removed to access the top two bolts on the air compressor.

Shortly after completing the compressor project, the rains started -- and kept us from doing anything useful outside. After lunch (and whining about the rain) it was time for the monthly MCRR board meeting. The meeting filled our early afternoon until the rains finally stopped long enough to do the track work.

Several shop volunteers Dustin B. and Griffin W. are shown lifting the new tie across the rails.

The ballast needed rearranging before the new tie would slide in place. Between Jesse V. and Griffin W.,volunteer Paul K. is shoveling gravel out of the way to make room for the tie.

MCRR Board member Mike C. looks on from the back hoe while Griffin W. scrapes more gravel out of the way.

Dustin B. and Griffin W. maneuver the first of several ties in place.

Volunteer Brian B. sorts the good spikes from the junk spikes.

As usual, Dustin B. is standing in the way of progress. Track Supervisor Paul K. looks on while using a shovel to steady himself.

While Anita pulls the tie against the rail, Supervisor Paul shovels some ballast on her shoes and under the tie.

Not to be outdone by the Sup, Griffin pushes ballast under tie while Anita keeps it tight against the rail. Mike C. maintains a safe margin from the work area in the comfort of the backhoe.

Board member Jesse V. pounds a spike into the plate while Anita uses a pry bar to keep the tie tight against the rail.

Mike C. stretches while the laborers finish pounding the spikes.

Apparently Anita is interviewing for the Track Supervisor position by resting against the pry bar and watching knowingly as the laborers pound spikes in place.

With Dustin, Jesse and Griffin all promoted to Supervisor, Brian tightens a bolt. Notice how his brute strength has bent the track wrench.

Dustin throws the last few shovel fulls of gravel between the gap.